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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  January 18, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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traffic involves. no reported troubles on i-95 between the capital beltway and 695 the baltimore beltway. through the glen burnie region i-97 north of benfield boulevard, northbound lanes on 97 also a nice easy route up to the east side of 695. remember, follow us this morning on twitter at maryland traffic. charley, over to you. the governor is scheduled to release the spending plan and big ticket items will race eyebrows. here to break it down is sherrie johnson with the live report. >> reporter: well, charley, a lot of focus will be on annapolis as the governor releases his spending plan. everyone wants to know how much it's going to cost. the governor plans to shift teacher pension costs to maryland counties. maryland is one of the few states in the nation that picks up the entire teacher pension costs. it expected to be about 900 million dollar in the next fiscal year. the governor wants a 50-50 split with counties. this will save the state about
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225 million dollars. another part of that plan people who earn more than 100,000 dollars and couples that make more than $150,000 would be limited to smaller personal exemptions for themselves and their families. they would also face caps on personal deductions. lawmakers say the proposed income tax changes and collecting sales tax on some internet purchases would raise more than 300 million dollars. this would cover about a third of the state's one billion dollar shortfall. and democratic leaders support the governor's budget. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. and new, some in baltimore county are divided over transgender rights especially when it comes to public rest rooms a bill would stop discrimination against transgender people and allot from both sides showed up for council meeting on the matter. the bill would protect transgender people at work and when they use the rest room. supporters dressed in purple don't buy the argument women could be assaulted in a rest room.
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>> transpeople are use the bathroom because that's what they have to do is use the bathroom. okay. so the bottom line is there's no evidence, there's no proof it doesn't happen. >> the reason the bath rooms are separate is because we need to be protected and in a society that can't protect their women where are we going to? >> the bill comes after a year in the beating of a transgender woman at rosedale mcdonald's. seven council members are expected to pass the measure. today a man accused of plotting to bomb a military recruiting senter will go before a judge antonio martinez is expected to enterer's guilty plea in the case and be rearraigned today and said he was innocent and applauding to blow -- of plotting to blow up a recruiter center. he was charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. this morning police in howard county are searching for people who lived in a town home where 40 dead animals were discovered. for a live report on where we are with the investigation, let's go over to lenda so.
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>> reporter: -- linda so worse whoa -- >> reporter: howard county police are looking for the people who lived there. nabs say they haven't seen the woman who rented the town home for a week. they say she lived there with her husband and her boyfriend and a child. the home is in the glen shire town complex in the 9600 block of lambth court. inside police found 40 dead animals, 21 all around the home, birds, rabbits and a beginy pig and hermet crab. 19 more birds, cats rabbits and snake in the freezer. two cats and a lizard and a gerbil were the only survivors. >> the only animals i saw them with is the two dogs and, of course, the parrot. you can hear. and i walked that circle and i never smelled anything. >> reporter: the surviving animals are cared for by howard county animal control. if you know where the people who live there might be, call howard county police.
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linda so, abc2 news. baltimore city police need help to catch three men who stole 37,000 dollars worth of medical equipment from sinai hospital. police say the three men drove a budget rental truck up to a loading dock on january 6th. they got out, loaded a large piece of medical equipment on the truck and then drove off. if you recognize these three men or have any information about the crime, call police at the number on the screen. 410-396-2455 in and a teen accused of killing his father has the support of more than 200 people e was in court yesterday but out-- he was in court yesterday but outside a group of moms were there to support him. richard-- they say he was abused and neglected by his father and started the facebook campaign hoping to raise money to get him a private attorney and hundreds are liking the page. >> the kid even though he was a nice kid and everything, there had to be more than yelling that went on in the house for him to do what he had to do.
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he snapped. >> on 16 occasions harford county sheriff officials responded to the richardson household. the reports do not mention neglect, abuse or domestic violence. if you want to see the page or have a link to it, we have it at our facebook page. go to under the harford county tab and find a link to the story and more about richardson. will he or won't he? tomorrow is egg gar allen poe's birthday and since 1940s we have waited for the man to delivered the rose and conyeah to the grave of poe. since 2009 there's before no poe toaster. there was a rumor the man died but they will give it another shot tonight to see if eye arrives. die-hard fans are expected to see if the toaster might return. the people living in seattle washington are struggling to keep with mother nature. they are dealing with what is most unusual. massive snow in a sick
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now "good morning maryland we think of seattle you think of the rain but the city is bracing for the winter's worst snow coming later this afternoon. today is expected to be one of the worst snowfalls since the 1940s and a forecast of more than a foot is predicted for some areas in and around and it could have a devastating effect on the city not prepared for this. >> this does have the potential to shut things down for even beyond one day. maybe two days. the problem is there are too many hills and there's no way to clear them. seattle has a fleet of about 20 salt trucks. schools will be closed and they were closed last night and the 20 trucks are preparing for the worst and we are showing people this this morning because this is a huge news story and weather story moreover many of us are missing this. we want this. >> i know.
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a lot of you do want the snow. and i tell you we are going to get some snowfall here this season. but it's not in the forecast as of yet. there's a wintery mix in the forecast. but that sometimes involves ice but we will get snowfall in here. but check out what they are seeing in seattle right now. you can see all the blue stuff on the map. and they will be contending with this for a couple days or so. so, as we go back closer to home, we are dealing with not a whole lot. we are dealing with clearing out. we did have a cold front pushing through the area still and it's going to try to clear the eastern shore as we go through the remainder of the morning. we will have high pressure building in behind this. so, lots of sunshine in the forecast for us today. but in the wake of that cold front, oh, boy, we are dealing with windy conditions. 36-mile-an-hour gusts into columbia and darlington right around 34 and bel air coming in right around 30. and i will detail the upcoming forecast for the weekend coming up but now let's check the traffic with angela. good morning. >> reporter: and good morning on the roads we go. as you head out this morning,
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we are looking at pretty good conditions. overnight road crews should be out of the way. maintenance crews as well. we checked on 895 at the harbor tunnel, all lanes opened for north and southbound travel. here's a live look at u.s. 29. maryland state police and, of course, county police all saying your travel lanes should be open in the area. we are clear all the way through howard county. and coming in from cecil county this morning, here's 95 at the tidings bridge. traffic moves easily even with the high wind. be prepared for the windy conditions on your morning commute. charley over to you. in health news it appears the obesity levels leveled off. numbers show one in every 3 adults and nearly 1 in every five children and teens are considered obese. the percentages show there's been no change in the pref lebs of obese -- prevalence of obesity in the recent years. since 1977 obesity rate has doubled. seems like an attempt to fight obesity in schools by getting rid of snacks in vending machines may be in
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vain. a study shows it's making no difference at all. a look at 20,000 middle schoolers found students don't gain more when they are at school and have junk food vending machines. the study's author says one reason may be they don't have time to eat at school. gastric by-pass surgery may be a better option than gastric banding which involves placing a band around the stomach and by-pass shrinks the size of the stomach. those with gastric by-pass had a better body mass index six years after the surgery than those who received the band. researchers found by-pass patients what higher rate of complications. well, it's buffalo. so, it's snow. but this year mother mayture is not cooperating and a -- nature is not cooperating and they may have to resort to street hockey. they thought they were getting an ipad 2. what they found in the box may surprise
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now "good morning
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maryland." parts of oregon in and around portland are dealing with some of the white stuff this morning. around of inches -- insix inches expected in the next 24 hours. they are under a winter storm warning and a foot and half of snow is forecasted for the southern part of oregon. buffalo gets used to the snow and ice but milder than normal for the winter putting a pond for the hockey at risk. they need 12 inches of ice to skate but if they don't get itthey will have to play street hockey. all 144 teams will have the option of playing and if they don't want to play street hockey they will get the deposits back. you can't have this in buffalo lynette. >> i know. i know. blame it on the jet stream or blame it on la nina. the cooler air not allowing for the jet stream to drop to the south which is way up there to the north. we are not dealing with the cooler temperatures. the colder air.
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arctic oscillation i will try to explain that. but right now the winds we are not dealing with snow but the winds are really pelting us this morning. check out in baltimore. 16-mile-an-hour sustained wind there and you can see the wind direction so we have the wind out of the northwest that changed from yesterday out of the south. cold front pushed through the area and boy it's breezy out there. it's going to be very gusty as we go throughout the day. you're going to need to bundle up because you couple that in and we are looking at the fact that we feel like 37 degrees. feels like 32 in york. 29 in hagerstown and we are feeling cold this morning. a little chilly. so you do need to bundle up. have the heavy coat on this morning. satellite and radar, not picking up on a lot in our neck of the woods. but head further back towards the west into pennsylvania dealing with a few snow showers once again. but we are going to clear out nicely and we have the wet weather the rain pushing well to the south of us as of now. but if you are going in that direction, be easy on the roads. this is what i am talking about. here's cold front making its
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way through behind it very cold and very windy. but we see the big blue h and you know what that means. that means we will see sunshine in here as we go throughout the day. future trend not picking up on a lot. but if you go further to the north, pennsylvania, new york, you will see some few snow showers work our way into thursday. and friday right now not looking too bad. looking pretty good. but changes on the way once again. in the meantime, this is what we are getting today. 40 degree. s and we will get the sun -- degrees and we will get the sunshine and wind. here's the forecast for tomorrow. temperatures around 42 with sun- cloud mix and seasonably chilly. now traffic with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. on the road we have got a lot of viewers who generally head down towards the capital beltway i495 while in good shape. 495 dealing with an accident on the inner loop at georgia avenue. let's go out of baltimore county toward the capital beltway. a live view of i-95. the southbound lanes moving
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well from baltimore county past maryland 175 through the jessup region to 495. if you are traveling from harford county on i-95, here's live view of maryland 43 north of maryland 43. white marsh boulevard. all lanes moving well here as you make the drive through the rosedale region heading towards 695 and continuing south to the fort mchenry tunnel and for those of you planning to take mta a good report all lines moving without delay. over to you charley. news around the world, the captain of the italian ship that crashed is back home under house arrest. this is video of his wife and him coming home. he is charged with manslaughter and abandoning ship a recording from the ship indicated the captain was safe on a lifeboat and refused to go back to help evacuate the passengers. the total number of dead is at11. and this morning crews are back this is a live look at that ship capsized. they are back on board look for any of the remaining more than two dozen still reported
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missing. a live report coming up in ten minutes. news time 5:19. a devastating car crash in the haitian capital led to 29 dead and 67 injured. the accident happened late monday after the brakes of a large truck failed leading it to crash into a small bus and then careened on the sidewalk and one of the busiest city streets. the crash happened in front of the national television headquarters and is often crowded with taxi drivers as well as street vendors. imagine getting a ipad for christmas and when you open it you find a box filled with modeling clay. that's a scam that happened in vancouver. a man bought his wife an ipad 2 from the future shop and when she opened it, she found modeling clay. >> i look at him and in shock and said okay is this a joke you know. >> no. no joke. as many as 10 of the clay ipads surfaced in metro vancouver at future shops and best buy stores. the scam artist bought them with cash and replaced them with the clay and then returned them. they were put back on the
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shelves and sold to other unsuspecting customers. the stores will be more diligent about checking the returns in the future. some are calling it an opportunity for business. why auto service and departments are happy with americans and they are keeping their older cars. we will explain why. also, what jessica alba is doing to keep you and your family's bit healthier especially the little ones. we will look at good morning maryland what's new now and next. that's a live look at downtown baltimore.
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now "good morning maryland." and well col back. customers are not the only ones unhappy about netflix failed attempt at splitting the mail order and on demand order service. some are suing the company over money lost after the quickster plan was abandoned. suit says netflix was not transparent enough about potential price hikes to customers. netflix has yet to respond to the suit. have you noticed older model cars on the road?
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we are keeping our cars longer. the average car on the road is almost 11 years old. vehicle age rose quickly duringthe last pieive year as sales slowed-- last five years as sales slowed. dealer service departments and parts suppliers are now seeing the opportunity because more customers will need more work on their used cars. jessica alba add agnew roa. the mother of two launched an ecommerce business selling ecofriendly products called the honest company and you can buy everything from baby wipes to household cleaning products. she got the idea during the first pregnancy and recently joined a group known for the safer chemicals. healthy fall list coalition we have a post to that link on and head to the entertainment segment and find a link to the story. news time is 5:25. he went missing during the weekend and his family was worried how one man used his money to stay alive after getting lost in a snow covered state park. also, how did a missing
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man's body go unnoticed in a movie theater bathroom for five days. unnoticed five days. what went wrong? we will look when "good morning maryland" continues on what's new now and next on this wednesday morning.
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now "good morning maryland." passengers sound off about the captain to deserted the cruise ship. coming up all new information we learned in the past hour. they want their voices heard and took the message to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. the attention that came for the u.s. secret service after someone threw what they threw over the white house fence. all of it part of occupy protest. and children can say the darnedest thing but what a man claims a sodler -- toddler says on modern family sparked a backlash and we will tell you about it on this wednesday, january 18th. good morning. i am charley crowson. hope your day is off to a great start. thanks for starting it with us. let's check the forecast and say hello, to meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning. as you wake up you are wondering what's going on for today


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